A Cockatoo Feeling

Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

Like Clouds

Yes - Its that kind of feeling.

Welcome to OZ - Dee Why Sunrise

Surfboard Design

Avacado the Cockatoo

Acrylic on Canvas, Graphtie and Digital Painting.


Digital Painting

MOnster Sirhc

Acrylic on Illustration Board, Pen and Digital Painting.

Feeling Again

Inspired by a friend with a big heart.

Digital Painting.

Beautiful People

The people in these paintings are my driving force to do their portrait. They land somewhere between the ultimate definition of "Dazzling" and "Marvelous", a place I like to call "Beautiful". Thank You for being part of my life and inspiring the better part of me to make these portraits.

Mixed Media and Digital Painting


acrylic on canvas

soul of a woman...

acrylic on illustration board and digital painting


Illustration Boards, Acrylic, Charcoal, India Ink, and Digital Painting.

Migrant Worker

This is another old painting I was asked about. Acrylic on Bristol Board.

Indigenous Californian

Done with charcoal on bristol board.

Self Portrait

Here is an old Self Portrait with a Travelers theme. Man, I miss the open road.

Caveman Olympian

This is my Character Design on the film project for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The character went through tons of transformations before getting to this stage.

CD Cover

Here is a cd cover I worked on for an upcoming band. The stylized art really suites their music. Listen at: http://www.sweedishmusic.com/live/

Olympics Short

This was a BFA group project done my final year at SJSU. The project was taken on as a commercial spot for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Taking part in all aspects of this short gave me knowledge I could only obtain through experience.

Illustration Endeavours

Although I don't agree too much with the initial pose this illustration is a great capture for kids in a childrens book and the introduction of the main character.

A Chris "Must" Card

I got into the Christmas spirit and decided to make this card. During these rough economic times I thought it would be appropriate to direct the card to getting Santa's attention.

Grizzly Bear Study

Animals are always interesting. I love the grizzly bears, Kiona and Kachina, in S.F. Zoo. I tried to do their beauty justice. This study was inspired by both of them.

Tony Soprano

This was a painting from a t.v. series I enjoyed. It turned out to be a great exercise and a lot of fun. I used the classic mafia movies color palette to help set the mood.

Sunset State Beach

Strawberry fields, eucalyptus trees, a cactus and the ocean breeze at Sunset State Beach was all the inspiration I needed for this piece.

The Beefalo

This character was from an original horror story about European travelers visiting the U.S.A. and coming across a folklore attraction, in a remote area, the almighty Beefalo.

The Last Duchess

Here are some character designs of The Duke and The Friar from Robert Browning's "The Last Duchess". I took an animated approach to the designs and imagined them in a world that felt like an ancient fresco painting.


A wolf would be a common wild animal that a 19th century Russian Wolfhound would fight against. I really enjoyed finding a color scheme for this character that worked. My end result...love it.

Russian Wolfhound

This is a character design of a Russian Wolfhound fighting dog. The usual dogs used, in Austria during the 19th century, as a form of entertainment to fight against wild animals.

A Walk in the Snow

This is a setting piece of a man observing nature in 19th century Austria.

Little Red

Little Red Riding Hood on her journey through the scary and dark forest to Grandma's house. A forest is natures beauty at its best. I had to go out to the Redwood forest here in California and try to capture some the natural mystic for this piece.


Figure Drawings


Here is another setting piece in the 19th century of a dog fighter waiting to meet an optimistic opponent at the Wiener Pestsaeule (Plague Column) , in the city center of Vienna. I had a great time studying the cities architecture and the column in this piece.

Night Carriage

This painting contains a musicians horse and carriage in an alley, during the 19th century, of a cold winter night in Vienna, Austria. The street lamp lights and snow were great in helping me depict form around objects and creating an overall mood. Underneath are some early development stages.